Ambiance Philosophy


From the beginning, our napa at Kingsley location was inspired by the architecture of napa city, california.  with spanish colonial influences of northern california, the exterior embodies the fresh, vibrant area surrounding the kingsley development.  we’ve added to this feel with modern signage and exterior natural vines.  napa’s exterior also boasts one of the largest and most natural, shared patio settings in Fort Mill.  parking is available throughout the kingsley development with complimentary valet available during certain times.


our designer mimi sabates chose the earthy color palette of california; moss green, parchment brown, terracotta orange, red wine burgundy.  travelling to napa to conduct her research, she was inspired by the rustic surface schemes that included polished concrete, natural slate, granite, iron, copper, reclaimed woods and wood crafts made from used wine barrels.  master local woods craftsman zach sessions created several masterpieces from reclaimed wine barrels including our host desk, the bar, bar and dining room tables, chandeliers and more.  this inspiration of repurposing wine barrels has also extended to our cheese boards and pizza boards created by craftsman tim fletcher.

NMP Photos 2.jpg

mimi created a table ambience that is earthy and casual; copper water glasses, riedel crystal.  she wanted the dining experience to be interactive so she chose water bottles that are repurposed from old gin bottles so the guest can refill themselves.  a bread basket of wine cork was chosen to serve our from scratch bread and pomegranate butter.  a white wine will be served in a wine chiller that is just one example of our pottery made by small production miry clay pottery.  our open artisanal station produces our cured meats and cheeses, pastries and salads, and pizzas from an antique steam generated bakery oven.  a common ambience theme in napa city, california is the use of large blackboards to provide daily specials that augment the menu.  the final component of our ambiance is light modern jazz and an energetic noise level.